about moi

This is an extension to my Glitter Blog where I tell you all the essential stuff you really should know... Pay attention cos there may well be a test on Monday.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

I'm a 27 year old bender who lives in Aberdeen with difficulty but despite my hatred for this place am currently placing little importance on getting out. I've scored myself a new job which actually relates to that degree thing I did in publishing 3 years ago. I'm working on a medical journal (you're right what do I know about medicine?) and so far, I'm loving it.

It's true, (yes you've heard the rumours, seen the toilet walls) that I have been living at home for the past few months (it's my folks I feel sorry for) but hurrah, I'm moving in with the buddy J Bo next week. Does she know what she has let herself in for? Do I more to the point??

It would appear that I only have opinions on the simple things in life, the stuff that really doesn't matter to anyone, such as accentuated fannies, turds (human and animal), global bums, gammy legs and other such inconsequential nonsense. I try to blog daily so keep checking back and you probably wont be surprised with the results.